Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Random Eonline post

This obviously has nothing to do with sports, but this headline is just in very poor taste.

Alex Trebek Jeopardized by Heart Attack

We can all make up fucking puns. It doesn't make you clever, or funny. In this case, they use a pun when discussing a man having a heart attack, and that's in poor taste.


Matt said...

Totally agree with you. But you just publicly admitted to reading eonline.

quints said...

I can just see the headline when Pat Sajak dies: "Wheel......of.......Death"

Jeff said...

Pat Sajak's Wheel of Fortune Runs Out.

Mark Summers Double Dies

Jeff Probst No Longer A Survivor

matt said...

You could go on all day just concocting headlines for Bill Gates' demise:

Bill Gates Encounters Fatal System Error

Bill Gates' Window Closes

Windows Live, But Gates No Longer Is

Gates' File Not Found In Directory of the Still Living

eriz said...

I am shocked that you made a list of Bill Gates death puns yet completely forgot making one involving the "blue screen of death" jeez

Jeff said...

Business ones?

God Fires Donald Trump from Living

Steve Jobs: iDead

Steve Ballmer to Need Embalmer

larry b said...

Sports figures:

Doctors can't "save" Hoffman

Manny ceases to be Manny

O'Neal runs out of Diesel

Iverson has no answer for death