Monday, September 8, 2008

Peter King: Hotelnerdness

From this week's Monday Morning Quarterback.

Enjoyable/Aggravating Travel Note of the Week

Sometimes I forget the things that annoy me on the road, and Saturday, at an NBC rehearsal for the 2008 TV season, Bob Costas reminded me of one.

At hotels now -- and this has been happening for four or five years -- when you order room service, the male or female waiter who comes to the door always asks: "May I come in?''

I’m not as old as Peter “skunk stripe” King or Bob “I look like a mini-Luke Skywalker….which is hard because Mark Hamill is small” Costas, but I don’t think I’ve ever had room service just barge into the room without knocking or anything. Nor do I want them to.

Which prompted Costas, coming off a month in a hotel in Beijing, to say: "May I come in?! No! I'll eat the meal in the hallway! What do you mean, 'May I come in?' ''

Good point, Bobby.

No, no it’s not. See, maybe the hotel staff is acting professional because they don’t want to walk in on Bob Costas jerking off (to his interview with Nastia Luikin) or taking a dump (to his interview with Michael Phelps).

Seriously, hotel staff ...asking if it's okay for them to come in….is a nuisance?

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m@b said...

I know MMQ is kind of bloggish/informal/observational, but even if his opinion weren't dip shit dumb that's a pretty uninteresting fucking topic for King to write about.