Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scott Miller – Digging up the Dirt

Okay okay I’m about to finish my paragraph supporting Albert Pujols for MVP. I needs to hammer this baby home with that final sentence that summarizes exactly how MVP-like Pujols was this year. Should I drag out numbers? No, numbers don’t tell the story. Perhaps recall an at-bat, or a play? Too singular. Lots of people have great plays. I’ve got it, a quote! Yes, a quote from a highly respected baseball man! A broadcaster or writer? A current player like Greg Maddux? A former player? A hall of famer like Nolan Ryan or something? I’ve got it, a GM! People are really intrigued by GMs!

Hey, Kevin Towers, tell me what you think of Albert Pujols!

"Pujols is a frickin' ­­­baseball player," Padres general manager Kevin Towers says.

Frickin’? Is he trying to be Dr. Evil? Oh well. Almost done.



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post more stuff, jeff...if you have a chance

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