Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Colin Cowherd Thinks Lebron James is Boring to Watch Play Basketball

I didn’t address yesterday’s comments from Colin Cowherd when he said there’s been 70 great guards in NBA history but only a few (I think he said 8) great centers, all to (somehow) support his theory that guards are more important than big men (ignoring the fact that 8 of the last 10 championships have been won with Duncan and Shaq). It all made no sense, so I gave up on writing a post. This happens a lot with Colin. I listen to something and say “man, that’s terrible – I should post on that”…but I have a hard time describing what the fuck he was saying and I’m too lazy to transcribe it. This happened last year when he said that Kauffman Stadium was the worst baseball park to watch a game in because the Royals were terrible. I stared at my keyboard for a good 5 minutes there.

Anyway, here are some of quotes from today’s show, about Lebron James.

“I just don’t like watching him play.”

“Lebron doesn’t entertain me.”

“I don’t find him that visually stimulating, he doesn’t have much of a jumper, he scores a lot of points at the free throw line. I know he’s great, he just doesn’t move me artistically like a Kobe.”

“Lebron is not super-vertical, he’s not artistic like Kobe…. he’s not that consistent.”

So, in conclusion – Lebron James – is boring to watch play basketball. He’s not “super-vertical” – which must mean he doesn’t have great ups…not enough of a dunker for Colin. THIS GUY IS NOT ENTERTAINING, AND IS NOT “SUPER VERTICAL”.

Seriously – he played a bad game – 2 for 18 with 10 turnovers. That’s some ugly shit. No reason to make sweeping statements about the guy. Inconsistent? He had a bad game. He led the league in scoring this year. Isn’t that, like, consistently scoring a lot of points? I know you need radio fodder but c’mon. The guy did a through the leg dunk in a high school game – don’t say he’s not super-vertical.

One of his main complaints is that Lebron scores too high a percentage of his points at the line. Um, Lebron averaged more points than Kobe this year, but scored 1 less point per game than Kobe from the line. So….that….point…would apply to Kobe, right? His game is not as smooth as Kobe Bryant’s, but no one’s is. Is that where we draw the line between an entertaining player and a boring player?

Colin Cowherd’s NBA analysis is scary bad.


Chris W said...

I actually called up Larry B about this after I accidentally stumbled into the herd.

My favorite part was when he compared Lebron James to "some Tom Hanks movie" and Kobe to Ocean's 11...which apparently in the Cowherdiverse starred Tom Hanks and Don Cheadle

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with Cowherd. Dont' get me wrong, Lebron is great player and I would take him on my team, but he and the Cavs as a team are incredibly dull to watch. All of his dunks are the same and 75% of time down the floor its an iso play for him. When was the last time he had a breakaway and pulled a 360? Actually, has he ever? I'm not even a Kobe fan, but I would much rather watch Kobe play anyday. Like Cowherd said, I like to be entertained, and Lebron just doesnt do it.