Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Does This Mean I’m Smarter than Gregg Easterbrook?

No, it doesn’t. From this week’s TMQ:

Obscure College Score of the Week No. 2: Rhode Island 12, Massachusetts 6 in overtime. As noted by reader Preston Jones of Harrisonburg, Va., UMass scored all its points on safeties. The Minutemen faithful lament: If only we'd gotten four more safeties!

Didn’t UMass just need one more safety, since the game was won in overtime?


Anonymous said...

Nice...I also enjoyed his "stat of the week" stating the Jets record since the playoffs last year is 1-9. Really? They're 1-8 record this year didn't give that away? Thank God we peons have statistical masterminds like Gregg to provide this information.

twiffer said...

UMASS is an obscure college? since when? or is it rhode island that is obscure? wait, neither? they are both universities that, while not necessarily known for football, are well known institutions regardless?

thank you for giving me more reasons to think easterbrook is a loon.