Monday, November 26, 2007

Jon Heyman, Folks. Don’t Forget to Tip Your Server.

Jon Heyman of SI, on the subject of Kenny Rogers’ contract negotiations, in today’s Daily Scoop:

Rogers is a talented pitcher. But he should stop taking business advice from Gary Sheffield, who's no Warren Buffett or Boras. Maybe Rogers and Sheffield could start their own agency for cheap players and call it "Knuckleheads Incorporated."

Maybe Heyman should start his own magazine called "Stupidheads Illustrated"!

Also, is it too soon to point out that Heyman predicted the Yankees chance of signing A-Rod this offseason at 25-1, or 4%? Those odds were lower than the Cubs, who have an All-Star third baseman under contract and are trying to be sold.

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larry b said...

Great minds think alike. And I swear on a giant stack of Holy Bibles that I didn't see this before I wrote mine. It just turns out we're both geniuses.