Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colin Cowherd, WHAT???

From today’s show, talking about Kobe Bryant:

“Offensively, he’s the greatest player I’ve ever seen because he’s the most creative. Whereas Jordan relied on two or three stock moves for much of his offense. Kobe makes stuff up, every time down the floor.”

Ignoring the fact that a player who dribbles the ball only with his right hand, but goes 20 for 20 every game on 17 foot two handed setshots would arguably be the least creative offensive player ever, yet still arguably be the best, what the fuck are you talking about????

Cowherd did say that Jordan was a better player than Kobe Bryant. But can we pause on this? Jordan relied on two or three stock moves? WHAT? WHAT?????

No really, in all seriousness, WHAT?

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matt said...

In Cowherd's defense, Jordan's repertoire was limited if you consider the "circus shot" and "insane dunk" to be categories of stock moves. Other than those, all he really had was the pullup jumper, the turnaround, and only a half dozen others. BOR-ING.