Friday, February 22, 2008

Sports Illustrated: You Can’t Fool Me

In this week’s Sports Illustrated, Chris Ballard wrote a fairly lengthy piece on the Slam Dunk (that I have not read yet). But last night, thumbing through it, I noticed that the picture of Michael Jordan “dunking” that they included was not actually a dunk.

The story is online, with the same picture. Here is the picture.

This layup was one of three left-handed layups that Jordan had in game 2 of the 1991 NBA finals during his streak of 13 consecutive shots without a miss. He had two of the more ordinary variety, then the streak culminated in the now-famous, vastly over-rated “switch” shot (think Gatorade commercials) where he moved the ball from his right to his left hand for no particular reason. That was shot number 13 in the streak.

Sports Illustrated, take that! Burned.

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Wow...I'm really glad I read that. I need to add this blog to my favorites.