Monday, July 14, 2008

Update and Stuff

Sorry folks, I've been way too busy at work (picking blueberries) to read anything online or watch too much in the way of sports, hence the non-activity 'round these parts. My sports viewing died when the NBA finals ended.

I've been checking up on the links at right (FJMs and such) if you're looking for something non-constructive to do.

I did have one sports related observation this week that I found interesting. Listening to WEEI on Saturday morning (commuting to work!) I heard Craig Mustard and Larry Johnson talking about how there had been something like 50 complete games by AL pitchers this year and how that was a really high number.

Then, this (paraphrased) exchange:

Johnson: "Has there been one at Fenway this year?"

Me, at the radio: "Jon Lester's no hitter"

Mustard: "I don't remember seeing one."

Me, at the radio: "Morons."


Fred Trigger said...

Out of all the WEEI guys, the only ones I can stand are Dale and Holley, and Mustard and Johnson. I cant believe they would say anything THAT stupid. Did they at least correct themselves?

Jeff said...

I actually think they mentioned Buchholz immediately after. I flip around too much to know if they corrected themselves later. Those two are likable enough, but their analysis often sucks.