Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jemele Hill Would Like You To Leave the Cannoli, and Take the Gun

I think Jemele is a little confused, from the looks of this piece about things “jumping the shark”. I’d say that the phrase jump the shark has jumped the shark, but even pointing that out is dated.

Larry Brown: Just three years removed from becoming the first coach to win both an NCAA and NBA title, Brown has gone to the mattresses.

He's still one of the best NBA coaches in history, but his fall from grace is as distinctive as his place in basketball history. Don't feel too sorry for Brown, though. Between the 76ers, Pistons and Knicks, he's hauled in enough cash to make Roger Clemens jealous.

I left the second paragraph in there just to show that it does not clarify the "gone to the mattresses" comment. Now, I’m not Mr. Pop culture or anything, but doesn’t “gone to the mattresses” effectively mean to go to battle? Doesn’t it seem like she’s implying it means to figuratively “go to sleep”, or just go away? I’m confused.

I don’t watch the Sopranos, but I’ve seen The Godfather a dozen times and Clemenza would not endorse this use of the phrase unless Brown was planning a hit on Isiah Thomas.

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