Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nobody At SI Reads Jack McCallum

If you remember last week, Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated said that the Spurs were not a dynasty (column titled "Hold Off on the "D" Word"). He had some reasons for this that were not very good, and he had a definition for dynasty that I thought the 1980's Lakers met, and he disagreed. You can read our friendly banter here.

So I was surprised when I received my SI yesterday to find the cover looking like this:

The article doesn't mention the D-word that I could I can only conclude one of the following:

  • Whoever writes the cover does not read Jack's online work, otherwise they'd realize it looks silly to contradict your senior writer, who also wrote the cover story.
  • Whoever writes the cover does not like Jack McCallum
  • Jack wrote it and he's senile

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