Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stuff Only I Find Funny, Volume 1

I happened to catch some of Stuart Scott's chat last week on I went on and submitted a comment, which he posted but didn't address.

First, he said this:

Greg (Long Beach, CA): Do you think Prince Fielder will hit 60 HR's this year? It's good to see that he's doing it the right way (beer and hot dogs). Is he the best young power hitter in the game right now?

Stuart Scott: Yes, Prince and A Rod will

How do you know he's not eating salads, by the way?

He's not eating salads because he's fat. Unless he's eating "hotdog salads". Anyway, I thought this was a bit of a stretch considering they are both on a pace to hit between 56-60 and had some seriously hot stretches that they aren't likely to duplicate, and no one since 1961 who wasn't a roided out monster has hit 60. But anyway, that led me to post this:

Sweet Sassy Molassy!: Prince AND A-Rod are hitting 60? No way.

Now, everyone knows that "Sweet Sassy Molassy" is a reference to an old SNL skit with Ray Romano and Tim Meadows playing sports anchors. No one remembers that? Shit.

Tim Meadows is supposed to be Stuart Scott and is yelling Booyah! after just about every play. Ray is simply the white sidekick with a corny catch phrase - Sweet Sassy Molassy! that he keeps repeating.

Anyway I bet Stuart Scott felt pretty stupid later on that night when he realized how bad I had punk'd him. Right? Right?

Never mind.

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Mike said...

Man you burned him like toast. He probably got so mad his droopy eye went straight for a second