Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The entire staff of GGAS (23 person office in White Bear Lake Minnesota - Go Bears!) is going to be on hiatus from now through about September 16th. We at GGAS measure our success just like a public company, quarterly, and in less than three months we’ve exceeded our stockholders’ expectations by so much that we are taking a well deserved vacation. That means we’ll come back ready to start a new quarter, and hopefully kick so much ass in the first month that we can take the second and third months off.

If I read something particularly egregious I will have to contain my excitement and post when I get back. If I can steal some internet time it will probably be to make updates to my fantasy team, since all bloggers are just fantasy dorks who live in their parents basements! Ha! LOL!

Because I know that the dozens of regularly readers (technically true!) will be going through withdrawals without my crazy commentary on Stuart Scott’s typos, here's some stuff you can read (in addition to regularly checking out the links on the right, of course). This isn't meant to be endorsed as all quality sportswriting or whatever, just some items that I remembered reading and being decent or interesting.

Baseball’s Most Impressive Records – The Baseball Crank.

Eleven Weeks to Irrelevance – Scoop Jackson. No Shit! This Scoop Jackson! …talking about Larry Doby.

Tom Verducci of SI wrote this decent column on Hank Aaron before Barry broke the record. Barry Bonds. The home run record! Remember that?

Here is an interesting comparison of Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez – Hardball Times.

Here is a crazy string of stories about the guy who sued Michael Vick for like 63 Billion dollars for using his dogs, then selling them to buy nukes from the Iranians. Something like that – at Dreadnaught.

Kobe Bryant’s blog. THE NBA ALL-STAR! Yeah, now that I have your attention….

If you’re new to GGAS, this is the most consistently read post from the archives of this site. This and other Jemele Hill related posts,actually – here.

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