Monday, September 17, 2007

Stop Asking Stuart Scott to Predict Things!

Okay, back from hiatus. I haven’t read a thing in two weeks. I jumped in with the Stuart Scott chat from 9/14. Along with 90 questions about the Patriots, all with the same answer, there is this question asking Stuart for his opinion on Greg Oden.

Mike(NY): Is Greg Oden the next Sam Bowie? This injury reminds me when KiJana Carter blew out his knee in training camp and effectively ending his career before it began.

Stuart Scott: (5:23 PM ET ) Mike-What do I look like Nostradamus? Asking me to predict future, I don't do that...I'll give my opinion...NO. Think he's more talented than Bowie was, and I'll be an optimist.

Um, Stu…I think Mike was asking for your opinion…is Greg Oden the next Sam Bowie? Don’t get all bent out of shape. You had no problem predicting that Prince Fielder and A-Rod would both hit 60 homeruns, it seems kind of weird to go Joe Morgan on Mike from NY.

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