Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jemele Hill On The Juice

Jemele Hill’s latest and greatest is a defense, sort of, of OJ Simpson in his latest run in with 5-0. I’ll let you read it here, and decide what you want on her general point, but there were a couple of points that I thought warranted discussion.

For the record I agree that the whole thing is F’d up and the thought that OJ would have done this is sort of mind boggling (mostly because of how brazen it is), but if I thought OJ was innocent, I would not put forth some of the arguments that Jemele does, because they are retarded.

Las Vegas police aren't exactly known for their airtight police work.

Realize this is the same police department that still can't find out who murdered Tupac, WHO WAS KILLED RIGHT OFF THE STRIP. This is the same police department that can't find the assailant who paralyzed a man and endangered numerous lives when he shot up the strip club where Pacman Jones "made it rain."

Help me out here. Is there a PD in any decent size city in the US that doesn’t have piles of unsolved crimes and murders? Just because they are more high profile in Vegas, doesn’t mean their PD is worse. It could be, but give me more than 2 incidents if that’s what you’re hanging your hat on.

While Pacman wasn't immediately charged, he and his lengthy arrest record were allowed to leave town with no problem.

Okay, well he wasn’t charged.

Yet O.J. isn't allowed bail and is deemed a flight risk?

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM – Why in the name of A Fucking C would OJ Simpson ever be deemed a flight risk? HMMMMMMMMMMM?

Let's say you are among the 90th percentile that believes O.J. is a murderer. Considering the gruesome way his ex-wife and friend were murdered, would O.J. even need backup to get his stuff back?

Let’s walk through this logic.

In 1994, a 47 year-old OJ Simpson allegedly snuck up behind Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, late at night, and slit their throats and stabbed them. For some reason, he didn’t recruit help or tell many people.

THEREFORE, if you share Jemele Hill’s logic,….

In 2007, it is not reasonable to think that a 60 year-old OJ Simpson would recruit help to go into a hotel room to steal some merchandise that he insists was stolen from him. He should be a one man wrecking crew, based on how he committed double murder 13 years ago.

60 years old.

Read this again….

Considering the gruesome way his ex-wife and friend were murdered, would O.J. even need backup to get his stuff back?

That is one of the stupidest things she’s ever written.

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