Saturday, June 14, 2008

Colin Cowherd, That's Not What he Meant

On yesterday's radio show, Colin Cowherd discussed how he believed European players can't really be relied on to win an NBA championship.

It was a long (felt long) and painful discussion that included the following:

NBA General Managers love drafting European guys over American kids, not because they’re better, but because of the mystery or the unknown. That’s what I always say about Yoga. Do you know why Yoga is so popular? Because it’s so popular in India. If it was from Nashville, they’d call it stretching. But it’s from India – and they don’t have bathrooms, there’s rubble, and it’s different and most people haven’t been there – it’s mysterious – and we like what we can’t have.

If you've heard Cowherd you realize this kind of stuff is the norm. He basically puts down the general work ethic of the entire continent of Europe and implies that their basketball players are sort of lazy and soft. It was pretty stupid, but I don't have the energy to parse through it.

Anyway, this was near the end of his discussion:

Look at what Sasha Vujacic said about Ray Allen… "He got me. I was afraid to foul him – he just got me."

Afraid? You don’t hear a kid from Chicago say that. And I know I’ll get soccer fans or a guy listening on the web overseas. “Colin, you’re such an ugly American”. What…eva.
(yeah, he said it like that).

Vujacic was not literally fearful of the physical contact that comes with fouling a player, dipshit. He didn't want to send the seventh best FT shooter in NBA history to the free throw line.

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