Monday, June 2, 2008

History Lessen for Bill Plaschke

Bill Plaschke has a Hi-Larious preview of the NBA finals, which could have been written by Bill Simmons if he had the restraint to be brief and not explain anything in tons of detail. In other words, it's not real analysis - it's just comparing peripheral stuff. One of the sections was in regards to which team's fanbase had the better "chant". Too funny right? That Plaschke.

Chant vs. Chant

In the early days of this championship rivalry, the Celtics fans invented the "Beat L.A." chant.

The Lakers will respond this week with a simple, "M-V-P, M-V-P."

The Boston chant is wish.

The Lakers chant is a reality.

The early days of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry were in the 1960’s. The “Beat LA” chant started in 1982. The chant was not directed at the Lakers, but instead at the Philadelphia 76ers, who were in the process of finishing off game 7 in Boston in the conference finals. The Lakers had already clinched the West.

The Boston fans had conceded defeat and sent the Philly players off with the message…. "Beat LA”. The Lakers beat Philadelphia, but Philly got them back in ’83.

Anyway – I think the Celtics fans should chant “DPOY!” and “EOY!” (Executive of the Year). That would totally rile people up. Knowing the Celtics fans, they’ll probably chant something about Kobe’s alleged hook-up with a Laker cheerleader, or even go into the vault and chant something about the rape trial. But that opens them up to some serious Paul Pierce stabbing, Ray Allen OCD, or Sam Cassell looking like Admiral Akbar chants in retaliation.

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