Monday, August 13, 2007

Bill Simmons Has a Good Memory

The problem is, he trusts it too much and doesn't bother doing research. From his latest mailbag:

I feel the same way about Stern that I did about Red Auerbach during the six-month span when Auerbach turned down Dallas' offer of Sam Perkins and Detlef Schrempf for an aging Kevin McHale, traded Danny Ainge for Eddie Pinckney and Joe Kleine and picked Michael Smith over Tim Hardaway in the '89 draft. As we watched Smith run around like a spaz the next season while Hardaway was headed for rookie of the year, every die-hard Boston fan came to the realization he wasn't the magical Red Auerbach anymore.

His point is that Tim Hardaway was very good, and he's right. But David Robinson was the unanimous winner of the 1989-1990 NBA Rookie of the Year award, so I'm not sure what he's going for there.

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