Thursday, August 16, 2007

Steve Phillips Was GM of The NY Mets

The above statement is a fact. I don’t know what Jonah Keri has done for work, but I'm willing to be he wasn't given the keys to a major market team with a lot of money to spend. Let’s compare their views on the Yankees acquiring Johan Santana.

Keri, from today’s chat:

Matt, MN: Santana to the Yankees for Hughs and Cabrera. If your the Twins do you take it? If your the Yankees do you offer it?

Jonah Keri: It just wouldn't happen. Simmons had a good column on this for the Mag...teams very rarely make this kind of ballsy trade anymore. He was referring to the NBA, but there's plenty of "I don't want to look bad, so I'm going to go the safe route" going on in MLB front offices too.

If were the Twins, though? Yes, I'd take it.

Okay - so that's Keri's opinion.

Colie (NYC): I know Santana is a great pitcher. but why would the yanks trade away years and years of talent on a FA after 2008???

Jonah Keri: Exactly. They wouldn't.

I think Jonah’s right, unless the Yankees are suddenly sour on Hughes. Hughes is cost controlled, young and they could just buy Santana after next year and have them both, if they want. It’s not like Clemens, Pettitte and Mussina are young, and Pettitte has a $16 million player option for next year and Mussina is under contract (at $11.5m). Makes sense to make a run at Santana after next season and slot him in during 2009 with the aforementioned big money guys coming off the payroll (Clemens this year) and younger, cheaper pitchers (Hughes, Chamberlain, etc.) emerging alongside Wang. They could really build a great, young rotation.

Hey Steve Phillips, what do you think?

Al (Basking Ridge, NJ): Mr. Phillips, if you are the Yankees GM, would you make a trade for Johan Santana and what pieces would you be willing to part with? Thanks.

Steve Phillips: I would do just about anything to get him. If money is a factor, and I am the Yankees, I would not resign A-Rod and use that money for Santana. Instead of giving A-Rod 36 mil. per year, why not give Santana 22 mil. and go out and get a 14 mil. per year 3B. I would put Hughes in the deal, along with Cabrera and another young prospect if neccesary. Hughes may blossom as time goes on, but he is not going to be Santana-like.

Oh, a solid young outfielder who could start in CF for you + Hughes + ANOTHER prospect for a year and half of Johan Santana, and THEN extend him for $22 million a year.


mbarnett said...

I think the scenario Phillips describes makes sense IF the Yanks have confidence they can extend him when making the deal. Giving up Hughes et al. is worth the certainty of slotting a talent like Santana in your rotation for years. Should he hit free agency, the probability of acquiring him is obviously diminished as the Sox, Angels, etc. all make a run at him.

Jeff said...

If this scenario were to occur I assume the Yankees would only trade if he agreed to an extension. Otherwise it's just stupid. But I would just overpay for him in the free agent market after Mussina and Pettitte come off the books, since he'll be surrounded by younger, cheaper guys. But why would Santana agree to switch teams w/ an extension? If I were him I'd go out as a free agent, given what starters are commanding on the market.

mbarnett said...

Agreed. But the question was if you're the Yanks, would you make the trade, and if so at what price? So Santana's motivations are out of scope. But if he would agree on an extension, I'd trade just about anything for him before he hits free agency. Even with the Yanks deep pockets, there's always the risk of another big market team making him a gigantic offer and saying "take it now, or it's off the table" - a tactic the Yanks themselves have used effectively recently to short-circuit back-and-forth, play-one-team-off-the-other negotiations.