Monday, August 20, 2007

Overheard at Shea Stadium on Sunday

The entire staff of GGAS – not to be confused with these hot chicks (GGS) – attended the Marlins – Mets game at Shea Stadium last Sunday. The guys behind us had the following exchanges:

Guy 1: Yeah [the Phillies] named their new ballpark “Citizens Bank Park.”
Guy 2: After the watch company?
Guy 1: No.
Guy 1: It was named after the bank.

Guy 2: Yeah the golf courses at Atlantis are ridiculously expensive.
Guy 1: How much?
Guy 2: I don’t know, a lot, like how much is a round of golf usually?
Guy 1: About $25
Guy 2: It was like over $300.
Guy 1: Wow that is a lot
Guy 2: Yeah, but it was designed….by this….famous….architect…..guy

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