Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Joe Morgan Does Research!

Just kidding.

I know it's sacrilegious to comment on a Joe Morgan chat, since Firejoemorgan invented it (and the whole "tear apart bad baseball journalism" thing). But I got one question into this week's chat and had to see if he was right.

John (Washington, DC): Joe, I was wondering if you were impressed with the Phillies this weekend, and if you think that they have the best offense in the National League?

Joe Morgan: (11:22 AM ET ) If you look at the numbers they are scoring more runs per game, but you also have to think about the fact that the games will be played in their ball park, which is a small park. I would not say they have the best offense in the NL, but they do have a core of very smart and patient players. But I think the numbers have a lot to do with the small ballpark.

Phillies runs per game:
Home - 5.55
Away - 5.39

Over the course of the year that would indicate a 12 run difference, or a run about every 7 games. The very best part about his response was the fact that he starts his answer by telling you to look at the numbers, but then just hypothesizes that they are scoring more at home due to the small park. Like there are no numbers to look at with respect to the home/away angle.

I'm sure Ken at FJM will do what I did but make it funny or something.

*Update: Junior at FJM picked it up. It's here.

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