Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is Jon Heyman Kidding?

Jon Heyman has written a playoff preview (here), that actually included this line:

Boston has lorded over the Angels in the postseason (remember Dave Henderson?).

Yeah, I do. I was nine. I also remember how I had an Ellis Burks Starting Lineup figure that was actually Dave Henderson’s face. What’s your point?

Don’t you think the 2004 playoffs are more relevant to this little analysis?

Trick question, they both mean jack shit. It still would have made more sense though.


Anonymous said...

True dat, but you've only touched the tip of the iceberg. Heyman's piece had one of the most poorly constructed sentences I've ever read:

"They have a superb young nucleus of hitters, led by MVP candidate Matt Holliday (it's going to be either him or Philly's Jimmy Rollins if there's any justice) and Troy (notice the ROY in that first name, for Rookie of the Year) Tulowitzki, who has that Derek Jeter cool-as-ice thing going for him, not to mention a defense that doesn't beat itself, as evidenced by a league-low 68 errors."

It reads like it's Tulowitski that committed the fewest errors, presumably among shortstops, despite having a whopping 68. I also have a hard time imagining what it looks like when a defense beats itself. Also, the "notice the ROY in that first name" observation pretty much sucked.

Finally, he ranks the Indians as the 7th seed despite the fact that a) they tied the Red Sox for best regular season record, and b) Heyman himself admits the core of their lineup, AND # 1 & 2 starters, AND middle relief are as good or better than those of any team in the tournament, AND they have a closer who converted 85% of his save chances despite a high ERA. Good luck with that combo in the playoffs, losers! Hayman would rather take the D-Backs, who were outscored by their opponents this year.

Notice the "HEY MAN" in Jon's last name, as in "hey, man, you're an idiot."

Jeff said...

Great points. I actually think I quit on the column at "Dave Henderson".

His odds are retarded to.

Jeff said...


He's saying the Yankees are 4 times as likely as Cleveland to win. The Diamondbacks - 2 1/2 times as likely.