Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Hitting Metric – Run Production Pop

Sorry, but my memory sort of sucks….so this is paraphrased. Last night during the Red Sox-Angeles game I remember one of the TBS announcers saying something to the effect of:

Julio Lugo had 73 RBI’s this year. So the Red Sox have some good pop at the bottom of this lineup. Not home run pop, but run production pop.

I would love to have heard Steve Stone or Ted Robinson (who ever said it), define what that means to me.

Him: blah blah run production pop
Me: What the fuck does that mean?
Him: Well it means that he doesn’t hit home runs, but he has a good sense of when to drive in runs.
Me: Doesn’t he just try to get a hit every at bat, unless he’s making a concerted effort to move a runner by hitting to a certain side or to sacrifice bunt or something? But, like 90+% of the time, he’s just trying to get a hit, regardless of if runners are on base.
Him: But he has a good sense of the situation, and he focuses better with runners on base.
Me: Okay, good point. Thanks for your time.

I’m not very confrontational.

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