Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stuart Scott's Bad Decisions Would Include Jason Giambi Pitching

From today’s chat:

Lane (Kukuihaele, HI): If you were to manage the Yankees next season could you win 100 games?

Stuart Scott: (4:22 PM ET ) No. I'm not abaseball manager, don't even play one on TV. I fI said yes I'd be disrespecting every manager. They have jobs for a reason. Other people can't do them. Joe couldn't do a flawless hour on SportsCenter.

Stuart Scott: (4:22 PM ET ) If I amange Yanks my bad dec Arod would hit .160, Jeter would be catching, Giambi pitching...hint for all armchair people who think you can't.

I can’t. I agree. He's kidding, obviously, but what the fuck?

Also, Pam(Princeton), can you get off his dick?

Pam(Princeton): Stu, I find men who love hanging out with their daughters very sexy

Stuart Scott: (4:30 PM ET ) Not really what I was after, but I'm flattered, thank you.

Remember this post from mid-August?

Pam(Princeton): Stu, not sucking up here, but I think you are really handsome

Can someone out there get Pam in Princeton a fucking date?

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