Friday, October 26, 2007

Yup, That’s the Only Reason

From Bill Simmons’ mailbag today. The underline is mine.

Q: Is it just me or does Manny not like keeping his batting helmet on when he is running the bases? Pretty sure I just saw him toss his helmet off before trotting into third and almost getting thrown out for overtrotting the base.--Steve, Madison, Wis.

SG: Funny you should mention this. I had the following conversation with my Dad during Game 2:

ME: You notice how Manny always flips his helmet off every time he runs the bases? He does it every time now.

DAD: Yeah, so?

ME: Well, why would you wear a batting helmet if you're going to flip it off every time you have to run? Isn't the whole point of the batting helmet to give protection and keep you from getting hit in the head by a ball on a close slide? Why wear the helmet at all? Why not just wear a cap?

DAD (thinking): Wait, why are you asking me this? It's Manny Ramirez! I'm supposed to explain something strange Manny Ramirez does??? He's Manny Ramirez!

Ha! That's true... it is Manny! Manny being Manny! So funny!

He also may wear a batting helmet so that, oh I don’t know, he doesn’t DIE if the ball hits him in the head while he’s at bat. He flips it off sometimes because it can bounce all over the place, mostly forward and over his eyes. Was that hard?

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Chris W said...

Bill Simmons thinks a "baseball" is a cotillion they throw at outer-space fortresses