Monday, July 9, 2007

I Tried To Get Buster Olney to Fight Rob Neyer

But it didn’t work.

Jeff (Ogdenville): Buster, Rob Neyer disagrees with your statements from last week's chat, where you were doubtful that any other pitcher would win 300 games, except Sabathia. Do you really think he's the last chance to win 300 games?

Buster Olney: What did that motherfucker say? I'll fuck his shit up, yo! You think I was named Buster by my momma? I was named Buster by my gang... the motherfucking Killaz! West siiiiiiiiide!

Okay that's not what he really said...real response below:

Buster Olney: Jeff: I don't have the breakdown in front of me, but it stands to reason that as time goes on, starting pitchers will continue to have fewer and fewer victories, which cuts down the 300 chances... Right now, among young and active pitchers, C.C. has the best shot. Rob and I will check back in 25 years and fight it out then...

It stands to reason that starting pitchers will continue to have fewer and fewer victories? Why would starting pitchers win less games than starting pitchers during the Maddux/Glavine/Clemens/Johnson era? Anyway, this topic is dead.

So let’s just move on to this:

Hal (Florida): favorite song?

Buster Olney: Shine, Collective Soul...

Buster and I are similar actually. Shine would be my answer to that question too. If you qualified it as the favorite Collective Soul song from the early 90’s that was on MTV/VH1 50 times a day that I never want to hear again.

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