Thursday, July 26, 2007

Todd in Irvine, Please Leave Keith Law Alone

From today's chat:

Todd (Irvine, CA): Keith, there's word out of San Diego that the Padres could be after Jason Jennings and Mark Loretta, and that Marcus Giles could be part of that deal.

Keith Law: (1:51 PM ET ) I haven't heard anything about this other than the note you sent to my mailbag and the ten times you've asked it today!

Another highlight from the chat:

T Yuba City CA: It seems like many of the baseball folks at ESPN are Angel Haters. What gives??

Keith Law: (2:33 PM ET ) It's something we did at orientation when I was first hired. We spent a whole hour on Angel-hating - the why, the how, the when, etc.

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The Fabulous Galdstoner said...

Great blog. I got the link from your comment in Keith Law's blog. Good stuff.

I also loved the FJM reference:

"Brad (TN): Keith, Any good sports blogs to recommend other than the usual suspects?

Keith Law: I only read a handful, deadspin,, Lion in Oil. I just subscribed to's feed, they do a nice, short daily recap of minor league transactions and major performances, with the occasional blog post. I mentioned above. And Seth Mnookin's feed - he's a hell of a writer.

Baseball Fan (Detroit): #%&@ the heck!

Keith Law: Yes, FJM too."